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Mounting / dismounting bearing wheelset press

Presses Muscle Bux and DeBux are used for muonting / dismounting of TBU and SP bearing sets (brands SKF, Brenco, Timken).


Example of Presses Muscle Bux (Click photo to download from disk). Direct link:  https://yadi.sk/d/3J0DmwrEmY8vo

The accessory set is available in all sizes, (housing-type locomotives and passenger cars).

An accessory set consists of:

  • Pulling shoe
  • Pulling shoe insert adapter
  • Guide tube & cap screw assembly
  • Guide tube adapter
  • Installing tube adapter ring

Press is used as a right equipment to remove or install tapered roller bearings. This hydraulic aid will allow you to save valuable time and work safe & efficient. Easy to use roll-around model for both mounting and dismounting.


  • At wheels
  • At rail way
Parameters Muscle Bux-65 Muscle DeBux-65 Muscle Bux-100
Purpoze Mounting / Dismounting Dismounting Mounting / Dismounting
Press capacity, ton 65 65 100
Stroke, mm 350 350 350
Vertical stroke, mm 500 500 500
Working Speed, mm/s 0...8 8 0...8
Power, kW 3,0 3,0 5,5
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm 2450×1050×1150 2450×1050×1150 2450×1050×1150
Wheight, kg 850 700 950
Price, euro from 15 000 request request

Video of Muscle Bux-65