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Semi-Automatic Wheelset Press


Semiautomatic presses MUSCLE KPRZ-M.03 and M.04 can mount and dismount any type of wheelset with wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings. It is applied for different wheelsets (cargo, passengers, locomotive, trams, metro and ect.) in manual and semi-automatic mode. 


  • Adjustment and Loading Carriages 
  • Distance control panel
  • Electronic Curve Register Device
  • Semi-automatic PLC software “Press-Vagon-M” Omron or Siemens
  • Mounting control system
  • Mounting and dismounting accessories set
Parameters Muscle KPRZ-400M Muscle KPRZ-500M Muscle KPRZ-630M
Purpose mount and dismount mount and dismount mount and dismount
Wheelset Types cargo, passengers, locomotive, trams, metro  cargo, passengers, locomotive, trams, metro cargo, passengers, locomotive, trams, metro
Capacity, ton 400 500 630
Stroke, mm 700/1000 700/1000 700/1000
Working Speed, mm/s 0.5...3 0.5...3 0.5...3
Advance Speed, mm/s 10 10 10
Maximum Wheel Diameter, mm 1250 1250 1250
Maximum Brake or Gear Disс, mm 660/1000 660/1000 660/1000
Maximum Axis Length, mm 2520 2520 2520
Main Drive Power, kW 22 24 24
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H), mm 6000×2600×2750 6000×2600×2850 6000×2600×2850
Approximate Weight, kg 20 500 25 500 28 500
Loco Wheelset Assembling Time, min 20÷40 20÷40 20÷40
Price, EURO request request request

Press Modifications

Press Modifications M.03 M.04
Electronic Device "Pressure-Space" + +
Touch Screen Display with Omron (Siemens) Controller 15" 15"
Crane with Hanging Devices - -
Mechanized Feed Carriages + +
Axle Centering System during Pressing - +
Measuring System during Pressing + +
Protocol Printing  + +

The quality of press conjunction of railway wheels is estimated using diagram of pressing-in, that is why the press has a device for recording diagram “pressure-space”.

The press is equipped with controller, which allows programming the main technological parameters, authorizing users, saving in memory all relevant operator’s actions, etc.


Example 1. Press Muscle KPRZ-630М.04 with loading carriages and centering cylinders. The press is recommended for pressing-out and pressing-in of wheelsets with increased requirements for alignment (for example, wheel sets of Siemens trains).
















The press is equipped with both power rods and 4 guide columns, which allow accurate centering of the equipment when pressing-in and pressing-out. Centering cylinders on the back traverse and on the power cylinder make it possible to position the wheel set exactly on the axis and perpendicular to the thrust traverse of the press.