Railway Wheelset Presses
(locomotive, cargo, metro)
Deep Drawing Presses
(Deep drawing for military and housekitchen industries)
Composite materials presses
(plastic, rubber, sintering of puff materials body arms etc..)
Hydroforming presses
(aircraft, spacecraft, defence, phototypes)
Special Press Machines
(for metal-polimer gas cylinders producing)


Gidropress, Ltd. is a manufacturer of hydraulic pressure equipment

We manufacture press and testing equipment with hydraulic drive up to 2000 tons to solve various engeneering tasks. Our productive facilities are located in Polotsk Region, historical and industrial center of Vitebsk region.

In the process of engineering and manufacturing, we take into account work specificity of equipment and consult with the customer to ensure that equipment conforms exactly to the demands of productivity, precision, ergonomics, energy efficiency and other parameters.

Professionally trained service team will operatively carry out installation, adjustment and maintenance service of the equipment. The standard guarantee period is 24 months, but it can be increased if it is necessary.

Well-coordinated Hydropress service team work making deserve the highest praise. Hydropress technical solutions have been approved and adopted by a qualified European commission for the certification of railway transport and wheel sets were successfully tested in the Deutsche Bahn.
Transwagon AAD
Vagon Repairing Company-2 (www.vrk2.ru, branch of Russian Railways) expresses gratitude Gidropress producer for cooperation in delivery of wheelset press equipment and for attention to the Client tasks and high-quality service.
Russian Railways
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