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Hydroforming presses

CNC hydroforming presses of Gefest-H.06 series are designed for hydraulic molding of parts of complex spatial shape from steel, non-ferrous alloys and titanium by pressing with a hydroelastic medium.


The sheet metal takes the form of a solid one-sided matrix under the action of an elastic rubber diaphragm, on the surface of which pressure is exerted by a working fluid (castor oil). High accuracy of matching the shape of the matrix is achieved due to hydrostatic compression of the sheet, in the same at all points of the surface and does not depend on the shape of the surface. 

Industry areas 

Used in advanced mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft production, defense industry, prototypes production and production of complex parts in small-scale production. 


  • Column composite frame 
  • Hydraulic components Hawe, Bosch-Rexroth
  • Electrical components Siemens, Schneider Electric, Omron
  • Made in Europe or USA membrane
  • Open software TM Gidropress

Standart equipment

  • Two loading tables
  • Water oil cooler
  • OMRON controller with LCD display
  • Remote control panel
  • Laser work area protection system
  • Manual and automatic operating modes


  • Drawling into a polyurethane matrix
  • High performance hydraulic system
  • Recycling water supply system with water softening

Advantages of hydroforming compared to traditional drawing 

  • No scratches on the surface of the part. No finishing maching required.
  • Small tolerances on parts relative to the matrix due to high hydrostatic pressure.
  • Possibility of cutting parts directly during the pressing process.
  • Low cost of the dies, short production time.
  • Manufacturing of parts with complex shapes, including cutouts and bending of edges.
  • Reducing preparation time for production and easy modification of the matrix when making changes to the product design
Characteristic GEFEST
Hydroforming force, tons 2000 3000 5000 10000 15000 22000
Hydroforming pressure, Mpa 60 60 60 60 60 60
Workpiece dimensions (length×width or diameter), mm Ø700 Ø800 Ø1000 2000×1000
Open height, mm 350 350 400 500 700 700
Drawing depth, mm 250 250 250 300 320 350
Cycle Time, sec 180 180 200 220 230 300
Main power, kW 90 120 220 250 300 350
Weight(approx), tons 120 150 210 340 420 590
Price, USD