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Cargo Wagon Wheelset Press

Presses Muscle KPR and Muscle KPRZ are used for pressing-in /pressing out of railway wheels at overhaul factories and maintenance depot.


All manipulative actions directed on wheels and axles are performed by hydraulic manipulator mechanism. Adjustment and removal of railway wheel in manipulator mechanism is made by with electric crane hoist. The parameters of crane rails can be changed according to your request.


  • compact design, which is necessary for the majority of overhaul plants;
  • powerful welded frame is made of whole sheet steel;
  • remote control module;
  • manipulator mechanism allows automatizing the processes of adjustment and removal of wheels and axles in the pressing zone;
  • indication of current and maximum capacity, oil level and temperature, quantity of cycles;
  • emergency signal for indication of situation when values become maximum allowable, also for indication mistakes;
  • built-in memory for 1000 cycles
  • USB slot for data transfer to the computer.

Parameters Muscle KPR-630 Muscle KPRZ-400
Purpose pressing out pressing-in /pressing out
Press capacity, ton 630 400
Rod stroke, mm 510 700
Speed of rod movement, mm/sec    
- idle stroke 10 10
- working stroke 2.0 0.5-3.0
- back stroke 18 18
Maximum diameter of wheel, mm 1250 1250
Maximum length of the axis, mm 2520 2520
Main drive power, kW 22 22
Approximate weight, kg 8500 12000
Price, EURO from 35000 from 75000

The quality of press conjunction of railway wheels is estimated using diagram of pressing-in, that is why the press has a device for recording diagram “pressure-space”. The press is equipped with controller, which allows programming the main technological parameters, authorizing users, saving in memory all relevant operator’s actions, etc.


WheelSet Press Muscle KPRZ-400 Installing Video